Working within user-centred, agile and cross-functional teams, I use design thinking, lean methodologies and UX testing to interview users, research products & produce rapid prototypes enabling the team to fail fast and learn quickly. I build systems over solutions and strive to empower stakeholders & teams with insights driven by research and data. I am a hardworking, motivated, conscientious and adaptable person with a passion for user-centered design, app & web design and digital media. I split my time between wireframing & testing in Axure, designing in Figma and coding in Coda. I am a keen photographer, sports fan and enjoy learning languages and traveling.

Case studies

Discovering events on Pollen

Does the current discover page meet the changing needs and expectations of our members?

Creating a travel package picker

How do we sell large group travel experiences to small groups?

Creating a worker timesheets app

Reduce the reliance on agency staff to submit and approve timesheets.

Removing duplicate deals from mobiles tables

Can you remove noise in our product tables without compromising user choice.

Increasing price transparency of mobile tables

Can we add TCO to our product in a way that satisfies user needs, business goals and regulatory expectations.

Researching buying habits of mobile phone purchasers

Can we better understand the process by which users purchase a mobile phone.

Working with the banking team to produce a credit card eligibility checker

Can we increase the confidence that a customer will be accepted for a credit card they apply for.

Planning a strategy for the car insurance team

Can you promote user-centred design thinking in a team with no dedicated UX resource.